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Summer basketball league near me

Breakthrough Sports Basketball League

Breakthrough Sports is excited to offer a summer 3-on-3 basketball league in Lake Forest, Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita for boys and girls K-8th grade starting July 12.   

WHY 3-ON-3?

In 2016, the Jr. NBA did a study on youth basketball and found that the average youth basketball player in a 5-on-5 league game touched the ball on average four minutes per game.   The same study found that in 3-on-3 leagues, the same player touched the ball nearly 5x that amount!  In addition, 3-on-3 leagues offer better overall development opportunities and often times is MORE FUN!


Breakthrough Sports brings more than twenty years of basketball experience to create the most unique, enjoyable playing experience offered in Southern California.  Each participant receives:

✅ Minimum of 8 games including an end of the season tournament

All teams to be coached by Breakthrough Sports professional coach

Weekly practices.  Each practice will last an hour with the first 30 minutes being ran by Breakthrough Sports coaches focusing on basketball fundamentals; the final 30 minutes will be ran by the team coach (focusing on team elements)

High energy basketball kickoff event to start the season

Much more! 

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